Meet The Panelist

Chief Marketing Officer at Fino Payments Bank

Anand Bhatia

  • Anand currently serves as the CMO and EVP – Marketing, Analytics, and Business Intelligence of Fino Payments Bank Ltd. He is involved in building a phygital customer-centric bank – one transaction, one experience at a time.
  • Chief Operating Officer at INNOWIA

    Vinay Kanchi

  • Vinay has two decades of experience in the contact center industry, driving innovative technology solutions for his customers.
  • He has worked with top business brands, online travel companies, and global airlines worldwide. He has set up contact center operations for various clients in India, Canada, China, and the Philippines.
  • Vinay is an expert in operations, sales & account management, business excellence, automation, and many other aspects of contact center operations.
  • Currently, he is COO at Innowia, building a building ground up in the business process management space.
  • Marketing Expert

    Sreejith Nair

  • He has spoken directly to over 2000 customers across 50 cities, walking with them through the customer journey – sometimes to their doorsteps. This is the tip of the iceberg on how he innovated branding and marketing for some of the large brands in the banking and retail space.
  • Over the years, he has helped launch some of the most customer-centric brands in the Indian banking space using traditional media, digital, social, and artificial intelligence without underestimating the power of a warm smile and a gentle touch.
  • Marketing Head at ClearTouch

    Dhivakar Aridoss

  • With due credit to Rene Descartes, Dhivakar lives by the saying, “I Think Therefore I Am.” He believes in 80% thinking and 20% execution on anything creative.
  • He executes the digital marketing strategies of ClearTouch on this 80-20 rule. Besides, if you want to chat up on automobile, formula 1, Hollywood, Music, Food, Single Malts, and any conspiracy theories, Dhivakar would be all ears and is equally a great conversationist.