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About TBC

A creative Portal
for Call Center

We realized that there isn’t any meaningful association or a body that represents call centers, contact centers, BPOs, and KPOs in India. There aren’t even any events that are targeted towards this segment.

This is why we decided to launch this community, “The Bharat Connect (TBC).”

The Bharat Community will engage with call centers, the customer service and customer experience functions of corporations, and the outsourcers from across the world. TBC would function as the voice of this industry. 

The idea is to moot innovative ideas in this space for everyone to participate in. Also, the community will strive to arrive at good practices to ensure better customer service, customer support, and customer experience. 

We would be conducting regular events – both online and offline, come up with research reports on various trends in the country, write blogs and articles relevant to the industry, and take up training and resource enablement for the industry. 

Do you want to be a part of this community and contribute towards the growth of this industry? 

Please write to us as jointhecommunity@thebharatconnect.com, and we shall be happy to host you.