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We’ve all had customer experiences that range from outstanding to infuriating. Customers today have come to expect more out of companies. This has put pressure on companies to get the balance right to fulfill customer expectations with limited internal resources. 

Getting the customer experience strategy right is a collective responsibility as it involves every way a customer interacts with a company, at all stages of the customer journey. It is not an isolated activity. 

According to a survey, 63% of CX managers say their company prioritizes CX more than a year ago. 

CX can help increase customer retention, boost customer lifetime value, build brand loyalty, impact brand reputation, and give the organization a competitive advantage. 

Listen to the panel discussion about getting your customer experience strategy right. This panel would discuss the following topics: 

  • How do you ensure a positive customer experience at every touchpoint?
  • How do you determine the expectations of your customers and fulfill them? 
  • How do you identify CX pain points and remove them? 
  • CX is everyone’s responsibility. How do you align everyone in your organization to look at their work from a CX perspective? 
  • What are the good practices that we have adopted towards getting this right?

    Meet The Panelist

    Vice President - Customer Experience at Private Bank

    Girish Sharma

  • Girish is currently the Vice President of Customer Experience at One of the Small Finance Bank. Girish has had stints with Genpact and ICICI Bank, and he comes with 13 years of experience in the customer experience, customer service and process reengineering space. He spearheaded the contact center team of 500 associates involved in omnichannel sales for retail assets and liability products.
  • He is one of the champions in the customer experience space. We look forward to hearing his views on continuously enhancing customer experiences.
  • AVP - Head Of Global Customer Success at Vauld

    Nanda Gopal V

  • Nanda is currently the AVP and Head of Customer Experience at Vauld. He has been actively involved and witnessed the evolution of customer service in the last two decades, from being reactive to preventive to being proactive and now trending towards a predictive approach.
  • He believes in an entirely data-driven approach to customer experience. He handled the customer experience function at various organizations that include 247 customer, Convergys, Ola, Tesco, and Ninjacart, before joining Vauld.
  • He believes technology, personalization, empathy, and AI are the next CX mandates, to define the real customer experience. We look forward to hearing his views on enhancing customer experience in the evolving space.
  • Sales Director - Global Sales at Payhuddle

    Goutham YV

  • Goutham is the Sales Director at Payhuddle Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for customer success and growth in customer revenues in his current role. He comes with the B2B background and brings a different perspective to customer experience, as he works in a niche domain where they deal with a few high-value customers. His approach to the customer experience is about doing the right things by the customers and offering value at every step of the customer journey.
  • We look forward to hearing his views on experiences on how his organization helps enhance the customer experience.
  • Executive Vice President at ClearTouch Connect Pvt. Ltd.

    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

    I believe in the power of creation - it gives me a real high to grow something from scratch and make it sustainable.

    Identifying market opportunities, market gaps, and identifying the right talent for execution are some of my key strengths.


    Mar 02 2022


    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


    The Bharat Connect
    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan


    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan
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