How do you build agility in your customer service?

  • Today’s customers have high standards and are more willing to switch their solution providers
  • Remote working is becoming the norm, both in customer service and beyond.
  • Disruptions to the way you operate your business are becoming very common – from extreme weather to non-availability of fuels to fluctuations in supply is becoming common
  • According to Forrester, nearly 95% of leaders say that providing a good customer experience is a strategic priority, and 75% want to use customer service as a competitive advantage. 

    Juxtapose this with ever-changing customer expectations, and it is imperative that your customer service function needs to be agile. For which, you need to invest in the right technologies, empower your agents, leverage data to innovate, and ensure work-from-home policies 

    This panel would discuss the following topics: 

    1. What is the right technology infrastructure that I should look at to bring agility to my customer service function? 
    2. How do I empower my agents to solve my customers’ problems? 
    3. How do I proactively leverage my data to anticipate and innovate in my customer experience initiatives? 
    4. Given that hybrid working will continue, how do I enable my agents to work from home without missing the office environment? 
    5. Live examples and case studies how agility has helped customer service organizations


    Meet The Panelist

    President Marketing & Sales at World Infracons

    Vvirender Raina

  • Vvirender talks about finance, education, insurance, advertising and presentation skills. He has more than 3 decades of experience in marketing, sales, and advertising. He has triggered enormous growth in startups through creative and strategic use of resources and innovative marketing.
  • Vvirrender currently functions as President, Sales & Marketing, at World Infracons.
  • Vvirender, we are very happy to have you as a part of this panel, and we look forward to your invaluable inputs during this session.
  • Director & Head of Customer Success
    at Cashfree Payments

    Fasih Abbas M

  • Fasih has managed business and people helping organizations grow exponentially for more than 19 years now. He has 10+ years of experience ensuring Customer Success in the Fintech and eCommerce space with knowledge and hands-on experience in every customer experience function.
  • He was instrumental in setting up the CS and merchant support teams for PhonePe from scratch.
  • He is a tech enthusiast and has successfully created models to maximize capacity and increase efficiency through process engineering and technological changes, thereby reducing costs.
  • He currently functions as Director & Head of Customer Success at Cashfree. Fasih, we look forward to your views on bringing agility to customer service.
  • Executive Vice President at ClearTouch Connect Pvt. Ltd.

    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

    I believe in the power of creation - it gives me a real high to grow something from scratch and make it sustainable.

    Identifying market opportunities, market gaps, and identifying the right talent for execution are some of my key strengths.


    Feb 02 2022


    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


    The Bharat Connect
    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan


    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan
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