What performance tools are you using in your call center platform to enhance customer experience?

The purpose of a business is to acquire customers, provide services or products that solve a business problem for them, charge for it, make profits, and sustain the business. 

What keeps them loyal to your business? 

Customer experience is the new oil in every business, and enhancing that would ensure success. 

How do you enhance customer experience? 

It can be through the right processes, the right people, and the right tools. 

In this discussion, our focus is going to be on the tools. Some of the possible tools are – IVR, screen pop with customer information, integration with business tools, the ability to conference, monitor, and barge calls, call recording, screen recording, real-time and historical reporting – intelligence, analytics, and artificial intelligence. 

This panel would discuss the following on the type of tools: 

  • What is an integrated enterprise-level contact center, and its relevance to customer service
  • How do you choose the tools that you need for your customer service function? 
  • What would the cost implications of every productivity and performance tool in the call center mix? 
  • Use cases where different performance tools make sense 
  • Examples of tools that are available in the market that enhances productivity
  • Meet The Panelist

    Senior Director - Head of Customer Experience at Ninjacart

    Nanda Gopal V

    Insightful Work experience of over 22 years

  • Worked with well reputed and varied clientele across Globe (C2B & B2B) which include technical Support for one of the World’s largest provider of electronic commerce & payment solutions, Managed large Customer support team for a world-renowned travel ecommerce business, Lead Global operations for Customer and Partner experience for India’s biggest Cab aggregator, Lead Store technology and employee Help desk for 3rd largest retailer in the world and Now with India’s largest fresh produce supply chain.
  • Planning and executing frictionless experience for internal and external customers and drive smoother operations, majorly through technology than manual or people intervention.
  • Risk management processes, estimating risks affecting the business and determining the level of risk the organization is willing to accept.
  • Skills in managing and driving experience metrics for Employee, Customer and partner satisfaction and Net promoter scores.
  • Proven abilities in researching, adopting and introducing new training and operation techniques to keep abreast with global standards. Driving AI with empathy and personalization as a new CX mandate.
  • Head of Marketing at Payhuddle

    Sabapathy Narayanan

    Sabapathy Narayanan (Saba) heads the marketing function at Payhuddle Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Payhuddle is a payments solutions organization that offers certification services, testing services, and product development services for the entire payment ecosystem. Payhuddle counts several named accounts among its customers.

    To date, Saba has founded eight startups across various domains. He has led marketing, sales, and customer service teams of organizations at different points in time.

    Saba believes that every customer service function should have its ear to the ground and wear a listening hat at all times.

    Executive Vice President at ClearTouch Connect Pvt. Ltd.

    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

    I believe in the power of creation - it gives me a real high to grow something from scratch and make it sustainable.

    Identifying market opportunities, market gaps, and identifying the right talent for execution are some of my key strengths.


    Oct 06 2021


    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


    The Bharat Connect
    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan


    Uthaman Bakthikrishnan
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